The Game Section is a MyBB plugin that adds a complete and powerfull system to add games on your board, keep track of your users scores, and a tournament system. And besides the English version, there are multiple translations, such as Dutch, German, ...

The latest version of the Game Section 1.3.1 was released on 18-05-2015. For more information, I redirect you the release-announcement on the Game Section Community Forums.

Note that the Game Section is distributed under the terms of the GNU/GPL.


If you've got a new or better translation, please contact us on the Community Forums.


As the Game Section supports [/ multiple systems] to add scores, of which none are Game Section specific, there are multiple sites on the net where you can find games to add to the Game Section. Members of the Game Section Community Forums can download 100 games a day.

Mods & Themes

On the community forums, you can find multiple mods and plugins offering extra features for the Game Section. Feel free to search there if you need some extra features. The Game Section supports themes as well, so feel free to change the look and feel of the Game Section and publish it as a theme so other's can enjoy as well.


Note that in general, you should use the latest release downloaded from the forum, this wiki, MyBB Mods or git for public running websites. The master branch on git should only be used for testing purposes.